How I became a scientist - reporting on the right steps in the right direction and possible stumbling blocks to overcome
Convener: Renate Hagedorn  | Co-Convener: Martina Junge 
 / Thu, 09 Oct, 14:00–15:30  / Room Tycho

Following the session on career development at the EMS&ECAM last year in Reading – in which various approaches to overcome traditional structures in the development of a personal career path in science were discussed in a more generic way – we intend to base this year’s session on practical examples of personal career choices, demonstrating the diversity of actual career paths. We invite everybody to give a 5-minute presentation on her or his career path – may it be a path with one or the other stumbling block and diversions, or a straight way to the desired position; every report is welcome.

▪ We would like to cover all relevant areas of meteorology, climatology and related fields (i.e. national weather services, private service providers, academia, education, media, manufacturer, ...),
▪ have a mixture of young and more established presenters,
▪ and a balance of male and female speakers.
▪ We would like to hear what were positive and/or negative aspects of your chosen path, from whom did you get support or advice, and at which point did you miss advice,
▪ and finally whether you have any recommendations or advice for others at certain stages in their career.
We intend to reserve some time at the end to discuss which aspects are commonly mentioned, and which differences exist is different areas, and other aspects.
The main aim of this session is to support and advance the diversity of novel concepts for a career in science.