Remote Sensing in Climatology (public)
Convener: Richard Müller 
Mon, 06 Oct, 14:00–19:00  / Room Aquarius

EMS in collaboration with CM SAF is organising a side meeting “Remote Sensing in Climatology”. This side meeting is intended to provide a platform for climatologists to discuss (potential) applications, exchange experiences, and discuss strength and limitations of satellite based data.
Interested scientists are invited to present their (potential) applications and share their experiences with satellite based data in the form of brief oral (~5-8min) presentation or poster hand outs. These contributions will deal as basis for the discussion. Please provide us title, authors and a brief outline of your contribution in advance, to (or This will allow us to organize the discussion process along specific issues. Please note, also participation without a specific contribution is welcomed, but please inform us about your intended attendance and field of interest in advance (again email to
The CM SAF team is looking forward to interactive hours with stimulating discussions.