The future of the EMS Annual Meetings: how to organise a conference with reduced carbon foot print (public)
Conveners: Renate Hagedorn , Martina Junge 
Wed, 08 Oct, 14:00–16:00  / Room Aquarius

Between 400 and 700 participants each year attend the EMS Annual Meeting & partner conferences. Though small by comparison, the travel across Europe, the amount of paper and waste produced as a result is considerable. The EMS thus is looking at the different aspects and impacts of the meetings and is in the process of developing guidelines for the organisation of the meeting. These should be continually evaluated as technologies and mitigation options continue to develop and we are inviting every interested participant to this mini workshop to discuss and brainstorm on concepts for future scientific meetings.

The goal of this workshop is to develop possible improvements and innovative ideas to change the setup of scientific meetings.
The workshop is organised by the EMS Committee on Meetings, and is open to everyone interested in thinking about the future of scientific meetings.