Sub-kilometre Scale Precipitation Variability and its Impact on Hydrology (co-organized)
Convener: Katharina Lengfeld  | Co-Conveners: Marco Clemens , Marie-Claire ten Veldhuis , Auguste Gires 
 / Wed, 09 Sep, 11:00–12:40  / Room Vitosha
 / Attendance Wed, 09 Sep, 16:15–17:00  / Display Mon, 07 Sep, 09:00–Wed, 09 Sep, 18:00  / Sofia I

Precipitation is a highly dynamic quantity and it exhibit extreme variability over wide range of scales both in space and time. Measuring, characterising and modelling precipitation at small spatial and short temporal scales is still a big challenge. However, detailed information on precipitation strength and structure is required in many applications, e.g. rainfall-runoff simulations and flood forecasting. Especially in heterogeneous terrain such as urban areas high-resolution measurements and modelling of precipitation are crucial in order to describe the hydrological response and improve storm water management Furthermore, high-resolution information is important in relation to intense precipitation associated with convective storms to reduce flooding impacts. This session serves as an interface between novel techniques of rainfall estimation and characterization, and surface hydrologic applications.

Contributions dealing with one or more of the following issues are welcome:

- Comprehensive accuracy assessment of sub-kilometre precipitation observations and model simulations.
- Combination of various precipitation measurement techniques (e.g. in situ and remote sensing) and/or modelling approaches to enhance rainfall estimates and/or forecasts.
- Statistical description and/or modelling of sub-kilometre scale precipitation fields.
- Novel techniques of hydrological measurements and numerical modelling in urban areas such as surface runoff, surface energy balance, soil moisture, surface exchange, impact of urbanization on hydrological processes and rainfall variability.
- Applications of observed/modelled rainfall fields in hydrological models for better understanding of hydrological response in heterogeneous terrain.
- Assessing the relevance of sub-kilometre scale precipitation in hydrological modelling.