From weather and climate predictions to impact forecasts
Convener: Silvio Gualdi  | Co-Convener: Swadhin Behera 
 / Thu, 15 Sep, 09:00–10:30  / Room Oceania AB
 / Attendance Thu, 15 Sep, 14:00–15:00  / Hall

The proposed session will consider and debate the whole range of scientific problems related to the application of meteorological and climate predictions in various sectors from the perspective of coupled modelling (the coupling, here, is between the meteo-climate prediction and the impact models). There are a number of possible examples, where forecasts produced with weather or climate models are already, more or less, routinely used to make predictions in a number of application fields, such as, for example, water management, crop yield, renewable energy production, energy demand, etc. However, assembling the modelling chain from the weather or climate predictions to the forecasts of their impacts poses important and challenging scientific questions and problems that only recently the scientific community has started to face and discuss.

The session is aimed to both the communities involved in weather/climate forecasts activities and those involved in the applications and impact assessment. The objective of the discussion between these communities should be an increased and improved integration between weather and climate predictions and the impact assessment based on their use. Furthermore, an increased integration between the communities involved in these activities could, in turn, allow reducing the knowledge gaps at the interface between weather and climate prediction systems and application models.