Climate Forecast Verification (co-organized)
Convener: Pertti Nurmi  | Co-Convener: Anna Ghelli 
 / Fri, 16 Sep, 10:15–10:25  / Room Vulcania 1
 / Fri, 16 Sep, 14:00–16:00  / Room Vulcania 1
 / Attendance Fri, 16 Sep, 10:30–11:30  / Hall

The increasing demand on long-range forecasts has raised the need to learn about the quality and reliability of forecasts extending beyond the more commonly tackled short-to-medium-ranges. This session focuses on verification methodologies and associated results and applications of extended range forecasts, that is from weekly to monthly, from seasonal to decadal, up to climate projections. It is a follow up to the successful, first ever, climate verification dedicated session at the previous EMS/ECAC conference (Prague, 2014). Submissions of user-oriented (e.g. transport, energy, agriculture, health), high-impact event (e.g. societal and economic impact) and multi-disciplinary (e.g. hydrology) verification methods and results are highly encouraged.