Severe weather impacts for the European society in the past, present and future (co-organized)
Convener: Antti Mäkelä  | Co-Convener: Andrea Vajda 
 / Tue, 13 Sep, 17:00–19:00  / Room Saturnia
 / Attendance Tue, 13 Sep, 14:00–15:00  / Hall

Severe weather phenomena impact the European society and economy in many ways, from disruption in various sectors and substantial damages in infrastructure to human and extreme economical losses. Due to the changing climate, the frequency and severity of impacts from severe weather are likely to increase in the future.

The session is aimed at sharing the present level of understanding of severe weather impacts in Europe. The session is meant for researchers working in various research areas (meteorology, social sciences and human sciences, engineering) as well as for experts working in the community and private sectors (cities, rescue services, insurance companies).  The objective of this session is to share knowledge on the impacts of severe weather in Europe and improve the resilience and preparedness of different economic sectors through cross-sectoral dialogue and cooperation. Climate change impacts are of key importance.

The session programme will cover the following areas and themes:

- Past, present and future impacts of severe weather in Europe;
- Combining various data sources e.g. climate and damage data in sectoral impact studies;
- Increasing awareness and preparedness for severe weather impacts in various sectors.