Research and services in atmospheric sciences supporting science education in schools and the general public
Convener: Heikki Tuomenvirta 
 / Thu, 15 Sep, 09:00–10:00  / Room Vulcania 2
 / Attendance Thu, 15 Sep, 14:00–15:00  / Hall

Science education aims at sharing science content and methodologies with individuals not part of the traditional scientific community. Atmospheric research at universities and research institutes provide several fascinating elements that can be used to advance science education. Traditionally, improving awareness of the general public on topics such as weather risks and climate change is a recognized task of these institutes, and activities such as open lectures and visits from schools have been arranged. A large variety of educational material (web articles, videos, interactive learning modules) are being produced and new initiatives utilizing crowdsourcing and citizen science are ongoing. These are increasingly used to develop social media impact, collect observations, or increase general interest to weather- and climate-related phenomena and impacts by many Weather Services.

This session brings together projects and individual researchers combining meteorology, climate and climate change with science education. The objective of this session is to share experiences and present analyses of the outcomes of science education activities for those interested in understanding or further development of practices of combining science education with atmospheric sciences.

The session programme will cover the following areas and themes:
- Science education in atmospheric sciences
- Atmospheric science understanding as a vector towards science education
- Use of crowdsourcing and citizen science in science education
- Co-operation projects with schools, scientific centres and alike
- New educational material or concepts of science education
- Aims, benefits and experiences of science education.