Plenary Keynotes
Convener: Martina Junge 
 / Tue, 05 Sep, 09:00–09:30  / The Theatre
 / Wed, 06 Sep, 09:00–09:30  / The Theatre
 / Thu, 07 Sep, 09:00–09:30  / The Theatre

Keynote presentations related to each of the Programme Streams (PS) will be given on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 to 9:30.

The parallel session programme will then start at 9:45.

The following speakers have been confirmed:

Tuesday - PS Operational Systems and Applications (OSA)
Florence Rabier
Director General, ECMWF
Title: "ECMWF’s ensemble prediction: A strategic and challenging choice"

Wednesday - PS Engagement with Society (ES)
Dr. Keith L. Seitter
Executive Director, American Meteorological Society:
Title: "Being as disciplined in our engagement with society as we are in our scientific research"

Thursday - PS Understanding Weather & Climate Processes (UP)
Timo Vihma, Research Professor at FMI, Head of Polar Meteorology and Climatology Group
Title: "Effects of Arctic warming on mid-latitude weather and climate"

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