Creating value through Open Data
Convener: Renate Hagedorn  | Co-Conveners: Eduard Rosert , Roope Tervo 
 / Tue, 04 Sep, 10:30–12:30  / Room E III
 / Attendance Wed, 05 Sep, 09:30–10:30  / Display Mon, 03 Sep, 09:30–Wed, 05 Sep, 12:30  / Poster area

More and more European countries are developing policies to release their data as so-called Open Data. Open Data refers to information that can be freely used, modified, and shared by anyone for any purpose. In this context, also a number of National Meteorological Services are adopting an Open Data policy. Examples range from the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) launching its Open Data online service in May 2013, up to the most recent member of the “Open Data Club”, the German National Weather Service (DWD), starting its Open-Data-Server in July 2017.

The session invites contributions on both technical and user focused developments related to providing and using these freely available datasets. This includes amongst others:
• The development of client applications based on Open Data
• New ideas where and how Open Data can serve society
• The development of user friendly geoportals including
o Catalogue services
o Download services
o Visualization services
o Transformation services
• Tools and interfaces (APIs) for utilizing Open Data

The aim of the session is to bring together the provider and current/future user of Open Data portals across Europe, to share their experiences and requirements.