NA1-NA2 Meeting - Amateur Observations of Exoplanets
Convener: H. Lammer 
Thu, 06 Oct, 13:30–15:00  / Room Lune Room

In January 2011, an NA1-NA2 Exoplanet Workshop took place at Graz, Austria, with the aim to strengthen the cooperation between amateurs and professionals. Within this workshop, coordinated observation campaigns were discussed and prepared. The NA1-NA2 Amateur Meeting will bring together observers to present and discuss their results, as well as to prepare future observation campaigns of exoplanets.
Additionally it is planned to give a first inside into the NA1-database of ground- and space-based facilities, a database which should merge all kinds of observation-facilities as a helpful tool for the coordination of observation campaigns in its final stage. The meeting should also be used to discuss potential self-sustaining strategies for the database beyond Europlanet FP7.