EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2019
Centre International de Conférences de Genève (CICG) | Geneva | Switzerland
15–20 September 2019
Geneva | Switzerland
15–20 September 2019
Planetary ring systems
Convener: Philip D. Nicholson | Co-convener: Gianrico Filacchione
| Fri, 20 Sep, 08:30–12:00
Mars (Room 18)
| Attendance Thu, 19 Sep, 17:15–18:45 | Display Wed, 18 Sep, 14:00–Fri, 20 Sep, 17:30|Basement

This session is open for discussions about rings around Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and small outer-solar-system bodies. Theoretical and observational studies of ring morphology, dynamics, composition, origin, evolution, and interactions with nearby moons are all topics of interest. Contributions reporting on the latest results from the Cassini mission and from TNO and Centaur observations are particularly welcome.