Advanced Instrumentation and Mission techniques for the future in situ Titan exploration (workshop)
Convener: J. H. Waite  | Co-Conveners: Thissen , K. Reh 
Oral Program
 / Wed, 22 Sep, 08:30–14:45  / Room Lecture Room 2

The Cassini-Huygens mission has unveiled the complex and unique nature of Saturn’s icy moon, Titan. Even though the Cassini orbiter continues to make dramatic discoveries as it flies by Titan in its Saturn orbit, many questions have been raised such as complex chemistry or even astrobiological issues that can only be addressed by innovative future in situ exploration techniques. The purpose of this workshop is to explore new techniques that could play a significant role in enabling an optimum return mission to Titan. Science drivers, mission targets, constraints, instrumentation, sampling systems and mission techniques will be discussed. Presentations are intended to address one of four topics:

1. Results from previous missions and high priority science questions that require Titan in situ exploration.
2. Highlights of previous and current in situ science return and limitations of measurement capabilities.
3. Technology needs for advanced instrumentation and sampling systems.
4. Mission techniques that are enabling for future missions.

The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion. Innovative and challenging ideas are welcome.
Oral, poster presentations and discussion ideas addressing the workshop topics are solicited.