Outreach through planetaria
Convener: M. Khodachenko  | Co-Conveners: J.-P. Lebreton , J. Lilensten , F. Topf 
Thu, 23 Sep, 12:00–13:30  / Room Workshop Room 2

For decades the core mission of planetaria all over the world was to educate, inspire and entertain people, giving them an experience of science, culture and art. Planetaria have become the place where the achievements and discoveries of the modern science are demonstrated to the broad public by means of innovative information and visualization technologies in a comprehensive and fascinating way. With the variety of different programs and activities addressed to different age groups, from young children and school pupils to students and adults, planetaria play an exceptional role in day-by-day popular science education of the general public and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. In that respect the existence of an efficient link of the planetaria to the worldwide professional science community is of vital importance for successful performing of the major function of planetaria, as a public gate to modern science.

The session will address in a form of an open discussion and opinion exchange the potential contribution of the Europeanscientists and the Europlanet-RI project to the European planetaria educational and science popularization work.