Workshop: Planetary plasma acceleration mechanisms and associated auroral processes
Convener: B. Cecconi  | Co-Convener: L. Lamy 
Oral Program
 / Wed, 22 Sep, 16:00–19:00  / Room Workshop Room 2

This workshop is dedicated to new findings concerning planetary plasma acceleration mechanisms related to auroral emissions. Planetary magnetosphere circulation and established or suspected acceleration processes will be reviewed, with emphasis on new ideas and results on giant planets' magnetosphere studies, based on observational evidence provided by observations of Earth-based telescopes or spatial missions (like Cassini, Galileo...). The invited speakers will focus on plasma acceleration (current systems, kelvin-helmoltz instability...) and their relationship with planetary aurorae, seasonal variability, planet-satellite interaction, and solar wind magnetosphere interaction. Future prospects will also be addressed in the frame of the next missions to Jupiter (JUNO, EJSM).