Modelling and data analysis for planetary scientists: where are we and why? (splinter meeting of JRA3 activity)
Convener: M. Khodachenko 
Mon, 20 Sep, 15:30–17:00  / Room Workshop Room 2

Consolidation of the European planetary computational modelling and data analysis community appears the major motivation and the focus point of the JRA3-EMDAF, within Europlanet RI. The session is going to serve the establishment and stimulation of cooperation between planetary scientists and computational experts aimed to the efficient contribution to the scientific research. Annual report of the JRA3-EMDAF core team and extensive discussion of the planned working line for the JRA3-EMDAF and its computational services to the community will be the primary topics of the splinter session.

The Agenda items:

1. What has Europlanet achieved so far (M. Khodachenko & S. Miller)

2. What's in our catalogue and what do we need (F. Topf & R. Stoeckler)

3. Running online (P. Guio and D. Witherick)

4. Future needs and provisions - general discussion