Outreach Techniques
Convener: M. Stavinschi 
Oral Program
 / Wed, 26 Sep, 15:15–18:00  / Room Mercury
Poster Program
 / Attendance Thu, 27 Sep, 18:15–19:45  / Poster Area

This session will bring together amateur astronomers, educators, researchers, and journalists active in the field of planetary science to discuss the latest developments in outreach activities for promoting public engagement: "Outreach Techniques" will focus on education programs and products that enhance the visibility and attractivity of planetary sciences in the general public. In particular, best-practise models for unusual techniques will be presented, also targeting both the broad general as well as non-traditional audiences with extraordinary means and creative methods.
Alternative outreach techniques include e.g. tactile planetary globes for the visually impaired, "astronomy for all senses" such as "reconstructing" the smells of planetary atmospheres or audio samples of planetary exploration -related sounds (e.g. microphone sounds of the huygens descent), etc...

Besides presentations, there will be a moderated discussion on what tools have proven to work in the past and which techniques we should keep an eye on in the future, including Internet social media.

You are invited to submit abstracts for either an oral presentation. In addition, participants submitting may be considered for the panel discussion and will be informed beforehand.