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  • Program Groups: AM

AM – Amateur Astronomy

Program Group Coordinators: Apostolos Christou, Marc Delcroix


Amateur and citizens collaborations in small bodies, terrestrial, giant and exo planets professional studies
Convener: M. Delcroix  | Co-Conveners: C. Pellier , P. Yanamandra-Fisher , F. Braga-Ribas 
Oral Program
 / Thu, 01 Oct, 14:00–16:45  / Room Mars
Poster Program
 / Attendance Thu, 01 Oct, 17:45–19:15  / Poster Area


Collaborative platforms and tools for pro-am-citizens studies in planetary science
Convener: A. Christou  | Co-Convener: M. Delcroix 
Oral Program
 / Thu, 01 Oct, 16:45–17:30  / Room Mars