European Planetary Science Congress 2018
16–21 September 2018
TU Berlin | Berlin | Germany


Planetary space weather (co-organized)
Convener: Nicolas André  | Co-conveners: Manuel Grande , Jean Lilensten , Christina Plainaki , Maria Kotelnikova , Sergey Starchenko 
Oral programme
 / Tue, 18 Sep, 08:30–10:00  / Room Neptune
Poster programme
 / Attendance Tue, 18 Sep, 18:15–20:00  / Display Tue, 18 Sep, 08:00–20:00  / Poster area

Under Horizon 2020, the Europlanet 2020 Research Infrastructure includes an entirely new Virtual Access Service, “Planetary Space Weather Services” (PSWS) that will extend the concepts of space weather and space situational awareness to other planets in our Solar System and in particular to spacecraft that voyage through it.
PSWS will provide at the end of 2017 12 services distributed over 4 different service domains – 1) Prediction, 2) Detection, 3) Modelling, 4) Alerts. PSWS will not only have an impact on planetary space missions but will also allow the hardness of spacecraft and their components to be evaluated under variety of known conditions, particularly radiation conditions, extending their knownflight-worthiness for terrestrial applications. We welcome papers on all aspects of planetary space weather related to the 4 service domains of PSWS.