European Planetary Science Congress 2018
16–21 September 2018
TU Berlin | Berlin | Germany


sbpy – an astropy affilated module for small-body planetary astronomy (public)
Convener: Michael Mommert 
Tue, 18 Sep, 18:15–20:00  / Room Mercury

This workshop will introduce the Python module sbpy, a community project that aims to develop an astropy ( affiliated package for small-body planetary astronomy. sbpy's functionality will include analysis tools and model implementations for photometry, spectroscopy, cometary activity, thermal emission from atmosphere-less bodies, and small-body light-curves; it furthermore provides tools for data archive access, comet coma image enhancement, and small-body observation planning. Information on the package and its installation can be found at The workshop will introduce some of the currently available features and enable the discussion of future functionality. Everybody who is interested in contributing to, testing, or simply using sbpy is invited. sbpy is supported by NASA PDART Grant No. 80NSSC18K0987.