Europlanet Science Congress 2020
Virtual meeting
21 September – 9 October 2020
Europlanet Science Congress 2020
Virtual meeting
21 September – 9 October 2020
EPEC General Assembly
Convener: Indhu Varatharajan
Mon, 21 Sep, 14:00–16:00 (CEST)

Europlanet Early Career (EPEC) Network is the joint force of nine working groups lead by early-career researchers for early-career researchers across the Europlanet international community. At this splinter meeting, EPEC will present the various EPEC activities led by working groups which includes EPSC, EPEC Annual Week, Outreach, Diversity, Future Research, Communications, New Frontiers, Early Career Help, and Finances by their respective working group Chairs. EPEC will also proudly announce the details of next EPEC Annual Week 2021 at the end of the meeting. EPEC is committed to enable strong network between young professionals by engaging in organising various events amongst each theme of the working groups and therefore built leadership qualities in a stress-free environment. Furthermore, the EPEC community aims to bring a young voice into Europlanet Society to shape the future of planetary and space sciences and engineering.

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Join EPEC-EPSC2020 Slack to get connected with 150+ early careers attending virtual EPSC2020. Some of the highlights of the slack include "advertise your presentation", "job searching" etc

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