Operational assessment and management of natural and induced seismic risk
Conveners: Massimiliano Pittore , Marc Wieland 
Oral program
 / Thu, 08 Sep, 11:30–13:00  / Room Vulcania 1
Poster program
 / Attendance Thu, 08 Sep, 10:30–11:30  / Poster area

Rapid urbanization and the associated highly variable spatio-temporal variability in the exposed assets, accompanied by frequently unregulated construction practices, has lead to increasingly high levels of seismic risk of settlements world-wide. The recent spread of industrial activities, able to trigger or stimulate seismic activity, such as the exploitation of geothermal reservoirs, adds a new dimension to the challenges of earthquake risk estimation and management. Operational seismic risk management refers to the cyclic process of assessment, analysis and decision-making aimed at undertaking efficient and sustainable prevention and mitigation actions. This session targets original research and applications covering risk assessment, management and communication related to natural and induced seismicity. We particularly welcome cross-disciplinary case studies that tackle the challenges of exposure and vulnerability mapping and monitoring within changing riskscapes, such as innovative data capturing, and methodological advances on information integration and risk modeling. Practical examples of operational seismic risk management entailing the active participation of end-users will be appreciated as well.