Earthquake small-aperture arrays
Conveners: Francesca Bianco , Ulubey Ceken 
Oral program
 / Mon, 05 Sep, 14:30–16:30  / Room Saturnia
Poster program
 / Attendance Mon, 05 Sep, 10:30–11:30  / Poster area

Earthquake small-aperture arrays are of great importance in seismology and earthquake engineering in ways not possible using conventional networks. In arrays of small aperture sensors are placed relatively close together compared to traditional networks or large-aperture arrays, and are therefore of primary significance for local and regional earthquake studies. Their applications include e.g., earthquake detection, characterizing earthquake fracture processes, crustal heterogeneity levels, localized wave amplification effects, spatially variable ground motions, imaging volcanic interiors, and tectonic motions. They also contribute to earthquake hazard in specifying realistic, and relative (microzonation), input motions for structural analyses which have implications for locally variable seismic risk. This session invites multidisciplinary research from local scale arrays in Europe and Worldwide, such as ICEARRAY (Iceland), RAF (Italy), PatNet (Greece), IzmirNet (Izmir-Turkey), NORSAR (Norway), UPSAR (USA), etc.