IAHS Scientific Assembly 2017
10–14 July 2017
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
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Understanding spatio-temporal variability of water resources and the implications for IWRM in the semi-arid east and southern Africa
Convener: Dominic Mazvimavi  | Co-Conveners: Jean-Marie Kileshye-Onema , Abou Amani , Joel Nobert 
Oral programme
 / Wed, 12 Jul, 08:30–12:20  / Room C1
Poster programme
 / Attendance Wed, 12 Jul, 15:50–17:30  / Room B2

Supporting commission(s) / organisations: Waternet, IAHS transversal, UNESCO-IHP

Under this topic WaterNet intends to show case work done by the network members from East and Southern Africa. The following aspects of water resources will be examined:

- Rainfall variability and droughts
- Climate change and water infrastructure development
- Hydrological responses, Human induced changes of variability and water resources management implications
- How ecological aspects are influenced by spatial variations of elements of the water cycle
- Water quality and hydrological implications
- Use of earth observation and in-situ measurements for understanding spatio-temporal variability
- Improving agricultural water use in order to manage variability
- Current and future water resources management interventions
- How policies, legislation and institutions have been and continue to be crafted to manage spatial and temporal variations of water resources
- How spatial-temporal variability influence transboundary water resources management