IAHS Scientific Assembly 2017
10–14 July 2017
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
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Water resources management and the competition/balance between humans and ecosystems (eco-hydrology)
Convener: Zongxue Xu  | Co-Convener: Alberto Montanari 
Oral programme
 / Wed, 12 Jul, 08:30–12:20  / Room Woodrooms
Poster programme
 / Attendance Wed, 12 Jul, 15:50–17:30  / Room B2

Supporting commission(s) / organisations: ICWRS, Panta Rhei

With the rapid development of economics and society during the past decades, water resources management has become a great challenge for most of the countries in the world, especially the countries located in the arid and semi-arid regions. How to allocate the limited water resources to human society without prejudice to ecosystems, and make a good balance between humankind and natural systems becomes a great challenge worldwide presently. Simulation of ecohydrological processes and sustainable water resources management have become very important fields of research in hydrology and water resources. Due to the complexity and multidisciplinary features, great progresses on the methodology and theoretical basis are still expected and need to be studied widely. With the platform provided by the IAHS Assembly, related issues on the analysis and simulation of ecohydrological processes, sustainable water resources management considering the balance between humans and ecosystems will be discussed widely.

Contributions are welcome on:

- Interaction between ecological system and hydrological processes in arid area
- Evolution mechanism of ecological system and hydrological cycle
- Relationship between ecohydrological processes and available water resources
- Relationship between the health of ecological system and hydrological processes
- Health of ecological system and rivers
- Relationship between land ecological system and aquatic ecosystem
- Response of aquatic system to land uses
- Mechanism of ecohydrological processes under different climate and vegetation conditions
- Water resources management and balance between humans and ecosystems