IAHS Scientific Assembly 2017
10–14 July 2017
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
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Nonstationarity in Hydrology: Theories, Methods and Applications
Convener: Krzysztof Kochanek  | Co-Conveners: Seth Westra , Yuanfang Chen , Dong WANG , Ebru Eris 
Oral programme
 / Thu, 13 Jul, 08:30–12:20  / Room B2
Poster programme
 / Attendance Thu, 13 Jul, 13:30–15:10  / Room B2

Supporting commission(s) / organisations: ICSH, Panta Rhei

In the past decades, many studies have indicated that hydrological records show some type of nonstationarity such as trends, cycles and shifts. Changing in our climate, human effects in river basins, the effect of low-frequency climatic variability have been suggested to be the main representations of nonstationarity. In order to overcome nonstationarity in hydrological series, several approaches have been proposed. With this workshop, contributions are invited to present efforts to enhance understanding of nonstationarity in hydrological time series, the possible causes of nonstationarity in a hydrological series, methods and techniques for the decision of a significant trend, projections of nonstationarity for the future, statistical tests adapt in the presence of irregular long-term change, redefinition of the approaches ad concepts such as return period and hydrological risk in existence of nonstationarity, hydrological design methods and applications considering changing environments.