Opening ceremony and conference


Opening ceremony and conference
Convener: Lúcio Cunha | Co-convener: Mauro Soldati
Mon, 12 Sep, 09:00–10:30|Room Grande Auditório
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Opening ceremony

- Delfim Leão (Vice-Rector of Coimbra University)

- Albano Figueiredo (Dean of Faculty of Letters, Coimbra University)

- Ana Cortez Vaz (Councilor of Coimbra City Council)

- Mauro Soldati (President of IAG)

- Lúcio Cunha (President of APGeom)

- Adélia Nunes (Member of the Organizing Committee - Secretariat & General Information)


Opening conference by Monique Fort - Geomorphology: a key discipline for documenting climate change at different spatio-temporal scales (Presentation by Ana Luíza Coelho Netto)


  • Monique Fort, Université Paris Cité (Paris Diderot), France