First IAG general assembly


The Assembly is open to all the Conference participants and devoted to a comprehensive review of activities performed during 2017-2022 period by the IAG and its Executive Committee, in agreement with its goals and priorities illustrated during the 2017 New Delhi International Conference on Geomorphology: National Scientific Members, communication, co-operation and outreach, Working Groups, Training Programme and the reappraisal of IAG roots and history. A festive moment will be devoted to the award to world-leading geomorphologists of the prestigious IAG Honorary Fellow distinction, Brunsden Medal, Early Career Medal and Tricart Award.
The Young Geomorphologists awarded with an IAG grant to attend the Conference will also be introduced to the audience.

Convener: Mauro Soldati | Co-convener: Mihai Micu
Mon, 12 Sep, 11:00–12:30|Room Grande Auditório