Opening of the conference


Opening Address of the Conference
Prof. Dr. Congqiang Liu (Tianjin University)
Dr. Martine van der Ploeg (Wageningen University and Research)
Prof. Dr. Teamrat Ghezzehei (University of California Merced)

Prof. Dr. Paul Hallett (University of Aberdeen)
Prof. Dr. Scott Jones (Utah State University)
Prof. Dr. Ole Wendroth (University of Kentucky)

Rien van Genuchten Award
Prof. Dr. Tiina Roose (University of Southampton)
Multiscale Image Based Modelling of Plant-Soil Interaction.

ISMC Early Career Award
Dr. Morteza Sadeghi (California Environmental Protection Agency)
Bridging From Traditional Soil Physics to Terrestrial Remote Sensing.

ISMC Early Career Award
Dr. Ryan Stewart (Virginia Tech)
Oscillations in modeling soil processes: an early career perspective.

ISMC Publication Award
Prof. Dr. Andrea Carminati (ETH Zürich)
Prof. Dr. Mathieu Javaux (Université catholique de Louvain)
Soil hydraulics shapes transpiration response of plant to drought.

Conference Structure, Tools and Content
Dr. Roland Baatz (Forschungszentrum Jülich)

Tue, 18 May, 15:00–17:00 (CEST)