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Flash Floods: From Observations to Forecasting
Convener: G. Boni  | Co-Convener: Roth 

Flash floods are the most common inundation processes in Mediterranean basins. Observing and forecasting flash floods involve spatial-temporal scale issues: scales of observations, and scales of meteorological and hydrological modelling. This session welcomes presentations dealing with the analysis of observations of all processes related to flash floods and the feedback on modelling, with special focus on solving scale inconsistencies and uncertainty quantification. Contributions assessing aspects relevant to the observation of rainfall, soil moisture and discharge at proper scales for flash flood prediction in small catchments, both with traditional and remote sensors; analysis of large databases for the understanding of the physics and dynamics of involved hydro-meteorological processes; and improvement of models derived from the analysis and comparison between observations and model outputs, are strongly encouraged to submit to this session.