Topic 2

Climate Change Impacts on Mediterranean Storms
Conveners: N. Hatzianastassiou , S. Michaelides 
Oral Programme
 / Wed, 01 Sep, 09:30–11:15  / Room Odysseus
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Wed, 01 Sep, 12:45–13:15  / Poster Area

Climate change is unequivocal and we are already experiencing its impacts. However, although the impacts on physical/meteorological parameters are better examined, those on storms and extreme events are less clear. Especially, it is highly uncertain if and how storms in the Mediterranean will alter under changing climate. In this session, works investigating, for example, the intensity and frequency of precipitation events, strong winds and thunderstorm occurrences in the Mediterranean, with relation to changing climatic conditions, are welcome. Studies on changes in storms during the last decades due to the temperature increase, the NAO variability and the displacement of cyclone tracks are also accepted. Particularly welcome are analyses of impacts of future climate scenarios on extremes as well as regional modeling and statistical and dynamic downscaling studies.