Topic 3

Paleofloods and Historical Information on Damaging Mediterranean Storms
Convener: J. C. Balasch Solanes 
Oral Programme
 / Thu, 02 Sep, 11:45–12:00  / Room Odysseus
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Thu, 02 Sep, 12:45–13:15  / Poster Area

Paleofloods and historical data can be used in Mediterranean areas to augment a flood frequency analysis by providing information on floods that predate the short period of systematic gauging. The review of historical information can lead to a better understanding of the factors that causes extreme flood events (flood-producing mechanisms), assess the effects of land-use changes on catchment flood regime and enhances changes on flood seasonality.

This session aims to bring together interdisciplinary works of scientists from geomorphology, historical hydrology, climatology and others to discuss the use of geomorphological remains, epigraphic limnimarks and document sources to improve the asessment of extreme Mediterranean storms and related consequences.

The following topics are of particular interest:
a) Case studies with reconstruction of past extreme events
b) Statistical analysis using paleoflood or historical data
c) Uncertainty analysis on datation and magnitude reconstruction
d) Climate and meteorological analysis of past extreme events
e) Database of paleoflood and historical data