Topic 1

Societal impacts of Mediterranean Storms
Conveners: M.-C. Llasat , L. Ferraris , N. Lomarda 
Oral Programme
 / Wed, 07 Sep, 09:15–12:15  / Room Sibilla
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Wed, 07 Sep, 13:00–14:30  / Atrium

The analysis of societal impacts of natural hazards has an increasing interest day by day and many national and international projects have created specific working groups to cope with them. The different expertise of scientists involved makes such a topic a very example of multidisciplinary approach. Observing and assessing the societal impact are the major tools for improving the adaptation and resilience of the society in front of natural hazards in the framework of sustainable development.
The objective of this session is to provide a multidisciplinary forum for presentations and discussions of our current state of knowledge about the societal impacts of Mediterranean Storms and their evolution in a context of global change. Many studies are developed to assess the vulnerability of societies facing hydrometeorological hazards, especially through the back analysis and the modelling of damage. The last issue deal with the assessment of risk management and different responses developed from different societies and cultural backgrounds, including the ways the citizens react in front of failures of the authority in charge of their protection. The session also addresses how we communicate and educate students, the public, and government agencies about natural hazards as well as communication by the press, radio, TV or internet. This session aims to be a meeting point between expertises on these matters from universities, civil protection, mass media and so on.