Hydrological Risks: Socio-economic Impact, Human Response and Adaptation to storms, landslides and floods
Convener: Giuliano Di Baldassarre 
 / Fri, 10 Jun, 11:15–12:45  / Room Sala Lipari
 / Attendance Fri, 10 Jun, 17:15–18:00  / Display Fri, 10 Jun, 09:00–19:00  / Sala Stromboli & Sala Vulcano

Hydrological risks have had a major role in the development of societies, as humans have been struggling with storms, landslides, and floods. This session aims to discuss current methods and recent outcomes in the field of hydrological risk, which is typically defined as the hazard (the characteristics of the hydrological event) times the values at risk (the exposed population and asset subject) times the vulnerability (the social capacity to deal with the event).
More specifically, this session invites abstracts about:
a) Change in hydrological risks, e.g. trend analysis
b) Spatial analysis of the impact of storms, landslides and floods, e.g. vulnerability and risk mapping
c) Socio-economic impact, human response and adaptation to hydrological extremes, e.g. case studies