Rainfall-triggered landslide
Convener: Thom Bogaard  | Co-convener: Roberto Greco 
 / Fri, 10 Jun, 15:45–17:15  / Room Sala Lipari
 / Attendance Fri, 10 Jun, 17:15–18:00  / Display Fri, 10 Jun, 09:00–19:00  / Sala Stromboli & Sala Vulcano

Landslides represent a relevant problem for most of Mediterranean countries and other mountainous parts of the world. Landslides have severe consequences in all aspects of social-economic life. The changes in both climate and in socio-economy affect hazards and risks induced by landslides. Although we indisputably have seen impressive progress in knowledge and modelling of landslide initiation, behaviour and hazard and risk mitigation, there remain important knowledge gaps and challenges, many of which need cross-disciplinary and multi-technological research approach. In this Plinius conference, the main focus will be the hydrologically triggered landslides and debris flows. We invite contributions with more fundamental to more applied character, laboratory to regional scale analysis, monitoring and modelling. More specifically, but not exclusively, the subjects on which contributions are expected are:

a) From laboratory-scale physical models to prediction of landslides
b) Landslide and slope hydrology: from field observations to slope scale modelling
c) Regional hazard assessment: searching for improvements and day-to-day practice
d) Monitoring of landslides: the quest for reliable, multi-technological systems
e) Open-access landslide databases: from laboratory experiments to landslide inventories