Coastal dynamics and tsunamis
Convener: Stefano Tinti 
 / Fri, 10 Jun, 09:00–10:45  / Room Sala Lipari
 / Attendance Fri, 10 Jun, 17:15–18:00  / Display Fri, 10 Jun, 09:00–19:00  / Sala Stromboli & Sala Vulcano

The coastal zone is getting more and more important in the modern world from the economic and social points of view since there is a constant worldwide trend to occupy and exploit the coastal region and its resources. Coastal processes and sea wave dynamics, including extreme events like big storms, tsunamis, coastal landslides, are the main topics of this session where theoretical and experimental contributions are welcome. More specifically, but not exclusively, the subjects on which contributions are expected are:
a) Coastal dynamics and processes inducing changes on the littoral: transport, erosion and deposition
b) Linear and nonlinear sea waves interaction with the coast (shoaling, breaking, wave-wave interactions…)
c) Extreme hazardous events as storm surges, tsunamis and sea coastal currents,
d) Wave climate typologies and its induced processes and responses. How the Climatic Change can affect coastal dynamics and evolution
e) Hazard, vulnerability and risk analyses and models.