Forecasting of Mediterranean Storms: optimization of information content, dissemination to the public, acceptance and response
Conveners: Yves Tramblay , Alix Roumagnac 
 / Tue, 09 Oct, 16:30–18:15  / Room Rabelais

Recent advances in weather prediction systems focused on forecasting storms have led to increased information content that can be derived from computer models that forecast not only weather but important environmental impacts of that weather including such effects as storm surge, flooding, wind and travel hazards. Often these predictions are in the form of single model, or multi model ensembles from which valuable probabilistic information can be derived. The challenge of modern forecasting is to communicate the information available in these models to the public and directly to infrastructure systems in order to optimally utilize the resources we have generated. For this session, we seek contributions that present methodologies for transferring probabilistic forecast information to the public and the relevant infrastructure systems that can benefit from this information.