Social Dimensions of Risk and Vulnerability (additional Session)
Convenor: Weichselgartner 
 / Thu, 16 Sep, 15:00–18:00  / Room Agathe-Lasch-Lecture Room
 / Attendance Wed, 15 Sep, 10:30–13:00  / Poster Session: 'Topic Islands'

The critical analysis of environmental risks, the social vulnerability to and management of these risks have become central issues of society. However, the social dimensions of risk have been and often still is neglected by the sciences and professions concerned with risk. Recent debates on climate change and natural disasters demonstrate deep concern, much disagreement, and misunderstanding within the scientific risk community and practitioners regarding issues requiring social-economic analysis of natural hazards.

The session aims to improve understandings and processes that seek integrative and applied solutions by deliberating risk and vulnerability-related issues and bring together important contributions to this fundamental and wide-ranging field, ranging from theoretical issues related to the concepts of risk and vulnerability, to risk communication and management in the field of storm surges. In particular, contributions are invited that support efforts to galvanize an international peer-learning network to take this agenda forward through advocacy, policy analysis and operational work.

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