European Planetary Science Congress 2017
17–22 September 2017
Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija | Riga | Latvia

Oral programme LF1


Earth Analogues
Convener: F. Gómez 
Co-Convener: G. G. Ori 
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Oral programme
 / Mon, 18 Sep, 11:00–12:00  / Room Venus
Poster programme
 / Attendance Tue, 19 Sep, 17:45–19:15  / Poster area
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Monday, 18 Sep 2017
Room Venus
Chairperson: Dr. Gian Gabriele Ori
EPSC2017-13 | presentation | presentation
In Situ Sampling of Terrestrial Dust Devils and Implications for Mars
J. Raack, D. Reiss, M.R. Balme, K. Taj-Eddine, and G.G. Ori
Integrated Scanning Electron Microscopy-Micro Raman spectrometer (SEM-Raman): future tool for planetary exploration
A. D. Shukla and D. Ray
Desert spring mounds: a potential analogue to Martian arid environments?
F. Franchi and S. Frisia