Poster Programme HS7.3


Use of remote sensing data for distributed land surface modeling
Convener: V. Pauwels  | Co-Conveners: E. Wood, W. Crow 
Oral Programme
 / Tue, 21 Apr, 10:30–12:00  / Room 32
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Tue, 21 Apr, 17:30–19:00  / Hall A

Attendance Time: Tuesday, 21 April 2009, 17:30–19:00
Hall A
Modeling impacts of change in Landuse/ Landcover on groundwater system in Shiwaliks of Punjab using Remote Sensing and GIS
C K Singh, S Mukherjee, and S Shashtri

Hall A
A307 EGU2009-733
Agricultural drought assessment system: A combination of agro-hydrological modeling, remote sensing and data assimilation (withdrawn)
M. Vazifedoust, J.C. Van Dam, and W.G.M Bastiaanssen

Hall A
A308 EGU2009-735
Assimilation of remotely sensed snow observations into a distributed hydrological model (withdrawn)
m. vazifedoust, Gh. Kamali, and Z. Toofaninejad

Hall A
A309 EGU2009-876
Spatial-temporal Evolution of Crop Productivity and Evapotranspiration by an Ecosystem Model and Remotely Sensed Data in the North China Plain (withdrawn)
X. Mo, S. Liu, and Z. Lin

Hall A
Knowledge-Based Scale Transfer Approach for Image Fusion
J. L. Chiang, Y. B. Lin, C. Wei, and H. Y. Wu

Hall A
Estimating surface roughness using stereophotogrammetry
V. David and J. Krasa

Hall A
Utilizing satellite-derived estimates of land surface temperature and vegetation characteristics in modeling the vertical water and heat fluxes for a river basin
E.L. Muzylev, A.B. Uspensky, Z.P. Startseva, E.V. Volkova, and A.V. Kukharsky

Hall A
Space geodesy to understand the recent fall in the Lake Victoria
M. Van Camp, O. de Viron, J.-F. Crétaux, and M. Diament

Hall A
A314 EGU2009-6992
Parameterizing water status models within heterogeneous Mediterranean vineyard watershed (withdrawn)
M. Galleguillos, F. Jacob, L. Prevot, and P. Lagacherie

Hall A
A315 EGU2009-9961
Using Alos PALSAR data for improved soil moisture retrieval and modelling in a semi arid watershed (withdrawn)
P. Marzahn, T. Brandlhuber, J. Schmid, and R. Ludwig

Hall A
Satellite remote sensing for land use and flooding duration monitoring
A. Sandoz, P. Chauvelon, and M. Pichaud

Hall A
Intercomparison of GRACE Solutions with Hydrological Model Outputs Over Tropical Africa
M. Becker, A. Cazenave, R. Alkama, B. Decharme, H. Douville, and A. Güntner