Holocene Global Climate Modes or Not?
Convener: J. Bakke  | Co-Conveners: Paasche , H. Seppä , H. Renssen 
Oral Programme
 / Mon, 20 Apr, 10:30–12:00  / Room 14
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Mon, 20 Apr, 17:30–19:00  / Halls X/Y

Paleoclimatic reconstructions have during much of the 20th century documented how the present interglacial have evolved since its onset 11 700 years ago, bearing evidence of complex patterns that somehow reflect natural climate variability. Despite the vast amount of information readily available on atmosphere and ocean circulation, altering vegetation covers, sea ice fluctuations and glacier oscillations the question still remains open whether or not the Holocene can be characterised by distinct and inseparable climate modes or states such as for instance the southwards migration of the ITCZ which occurs at the same time as an increase in the ENSO frequency some 4000 years ago.

With this session we would like to address the reality of such climate modes/states specifically by merging paleo- and modelling data and focusing in on how, and in what way, these shifts best should be described and understood. We welcome contributions that can shed light on this overdue challenge.

Invited keynote speakers: Heinz Wanner and Edouard Bard