Oral Programme ERE6.1


Transport processes, scales, and couplings: Field applications, experiments and models applied to groundwater remediation and deep geological storage of nuclear waste
Convener: Georg Kosakowski  | Co-Convener: Josep M. Soler 
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 / Wed, 05 May, 15:30–17:00  / Room 7
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Wednesday, 5 May 2010
Room 7
Chairperson: Georg Kosakowski
Processes and materials related to nuclear waste disposal

A new diffusion and retention experiment in the Opalinus Clay at the Mont Terri Underground Rock Laboratory: A test case for reactive transport modeling.
Josep M. Soler, Olivier X. Leupin, Thomas Gimmi, and Sarah Hirschorn
Identification of a Secondary Crystallized Phase formed during Nuclear Glasses Leaching - Effect of the Leached Glass Composition
Bruno THIEN, Nicole GODON, Pierre FRUGIER, Stéphane GIN, and André AYRAL
Degradation of concrete-based barriers by Mg-containing brines: From laboratory experiments via reactive transport modelling to overall safety analysis in repository scale
Matthias Niemeyer, Stefan Wilhelm, Sven Hagemann, Mingliang Xie, Jürgen Wollrath, and Jürgen Preuss
Reactive Barriers and mine water treatment

Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage. Column experiments and X-ray microtomography.
Francesco Offeddu, Ion Tiseanu, Jordi Cama, Josep M. Soler, and Carlos Ayora
Stable sulfur, oxygen and carbon isotopes unravel the importance of bacterial sulfate reduction in passive mine water treatment systems
Romy Matthies, Andrew C Aplin, Adrian J Boyce, and Adam P Jarvis
Assessment of chromate reduction efficiency in a field scale PRB in Thun (Switzerland) by measuring Cr-Isotopes
Christoph Wanner, Sonja Zink, Urs Mäder, and Urs Eggenberger