Poster Programme SSS31


From rock to soil and back to rock (including Philippe Duchaufour Medal Lecture)
Convener: Martine Gérard  | Co-Conveners: Giuseppe Corti , Alberto Agnelli , Luca Trombino 
Oral Programme
 / Wed, 05 May, 13:30–16:55  / Room 8
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Wed, 05 May, 17:30–19:00  / Halls X/Y

Attendance Time: Wednesday, 5 May 2010, 17:30–19:00
Halls X/Y
Chairperson: Martine GERARD and Giuseppe CORTI
Spatial Variability Some Physical and Chemical Prpperties Soil surface In Dasht-e-Tabriz Different Landforms
hamed foroughifar, Ali Asghar Jafarzadeh, Hosien Torabi, Naser Aliasgharzad, and Norair Toomanian

The role of rock fragments in soils hydric properties
Marion TETEGAN, Isabelle COUSIN, Alain BOUTHIER, and Bernard NICOULLAUD

Chemical and mineralogical characteristics of regolith and soils derived from phonolites of Lower Silesia, Poland
Wojciech Lobczowski, Jerzy Weber, and Jakub Kierczak

Multidisciplinary characterisation of raw materials used for “ghiara
Donatella Barca, Cristina M. Belfiore, Mauro F. La Russa, Teresa Pelle, Antonio Pezzino, Fabio Scarciglia, and Marco Viccaro

Contribution of rock fragments to soil fertility
Nathalie Korboulewsky, Adeline Besnault, Marion Tétégan, and Isabelle Cousin

XY763 EGU2010-12264
Effects of carbonatic sandstone on mcrobial activity of brown soil profiles at different altitude of the Northern Apennines (Italy) (withdrawn)
Sara Marinari, Livia Vittori Antisari, Gilmo Vianello, and Stefano Grego

XY764 EGU2010-13274
Brown soil profiles formed under coniferous and beech-trees cover: is soil microbial activity related to factors supporting weathering processes? (withdrawn)
Sara Marinari, Livia Vittori Antisari, Claudio Baffi, Stefano Grego, and Gilmo Vianello

On the origin of superparamagnetic minerals of tropical soils and their impact on landmine detection
Jan Igel, Holger Preetz, and Sven Altfelder

XY766 EGU2010-13833
Geochemical identification of lateritic paleo-weathering residues (withdrawn)
Jochen Berger, Sabine Fiedler, Joern Breuer, and Karl Stahr

Eolianites and Paleosols as indicators of Sea Level Changes in the Elba Island (Central Italy) during Late Pleistocene
Luca Trombino and Stephania Irmgard Elena Ern