Long-term landscape evolution and interactions between tectonic and surface processes
Convener: Joaquina Alvarez-Marron  | Co-Convener: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Anton Glasmacher 
Oral Programme
 / Wed, 05 May, 13:30–17:00  / Room 22
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Wed, 05 May, 17:30–19:00  / Hall XL

The understanding of the detailed coupling between tectonics and surface processes is fundamental for unravelling how mountainous landscapes develop and evolve. The response times and rates at which landscape processes occur may vary in relation to rates of tectonic interactions and settings, climate, and also due to inherited lithologies and structures at shallow crustal levels. This session is intended to have a multidisciplinary approach, and to integrate numerical, experimental and field research on tectonic/surface processes. We encourage contributions that explore comparisons between rates of tectonic processes and rates of surface processes during long-term landscape evolution in any geological scenario from fast to slow and moderately active tectonic settings. We are also keen to see studies that consider the interactions between denudation/erosion rates with lithology and inherited shallow crustal structures. We welcome contributions that integrate techniques to constrain both the timing and rates at intermediate to long time scale such as low-temperature thermochronology, cosmogenic nuclides or other techniques applicable.

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Mon, 03 May, 10:00–10:45  / Room 40