Magnetic Topology and Energetic Particles in the Solar System (public)
Convener: Claire Foullon  | Co-Conveners: Harald Kucharek , Olga Malandraki 
Wed, 05 May, 13:30–17:00  / Room SM2

This splinter meeting is to allow more discussions on one aspect of the session ST1.4. The emphasis is on energetic particles arising in the slow and fast solar wind, co-rotating interactions regions, interplanetary or planetary shocks and foreshock regions, and from magnetic reconnection events such as solar flares. Remote or in-situ observations of the particle populations in the solar system are continuously ongoing owing to several dedicated spacecraft missions (from new generations of spacecraft like STEREO and THEMIS and earlier ones like ACE, SOHO, WIND, Cluster, RHESSI, etc.). Their measurements, the associated data analysis, as well as theoretical considerations provide crucial information for understanding the sources of the particle populations, their acceleration and propagation/transport processes. Magnetic topology plays an important role through parallel and perpendicular shock geometries, the trapping of the energetic particles and re-acceleration from long-lived acceleration sites. This session invites contributions on a wide range of theoretical, modeling and observational topics. The signatures of the various forms of plasma interactions, the effects of dynamically evolving magnetic field configurations such as resonant magnetic field lines or expanding flux ropes, or using the particles to probe the magnetic topology of the structures they originate from are highly relevant.

Public information: 13:30 Magnetic topology, energetic particles and radiation in solar flares (Part II)
[Lyndsay Fletcher]

13:45 Problems with diagnostics of magnetic field topology from the parameters of accelerated particles
[Valentina Zharkova]

14:00 Relativistic Heliospheric Electrons - Source, Energization and Magnetic Topology
[Ilan Roth]

14:15 The inteplanetary magnetic field associated to the propagation of solar relativistic particles
[Sophie Masson]

14:30 Solar Flare Electrons at the Sun and in the Interplanetary Space (Part II)
[Säm Krucker]

14:45 Dynamical shock: Theory and observations (Part II)
[Vladimir Krasnoselskikh]

15:00 coffee

15:30 Observations of Energetic Particles Associated with Co-rotating Interaction Regions during Solar Cycles 23 and 24 (Part II)
[Mihir I. Desai]

15:45 Magnetic sector structure, Corotating Interaction Regions and heliospheric magnetic topology from Solar Cycle 22 to 23
[Andre Balogh]

16:00 Poster presentations and final discussions
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