Editorial Board Meeting of Climate of the Past
Convener: Hugues Goosse 
Thu, 06 May, 12:00–13:30  / Room 44


1 - Welcome and introduction

2 - Current status of CP (with the help of Copernicus: Nadine Diesel and Natascha Toepfer)
- submissions and different statistics available
- number of issues, pages published
- Citation indexing/impact factor
-Business report

3 - The editorial team
- New editors have joined the team and some have left.
- New chief of the chiefs: Thorsten taking over Hugues, Gerald leaving the board
- Discussion on the role of the Chief Editors and of the Editors

4. The production and editing system and the review policy
- Review policy (discussion with editors about the review process, the electronic system, the D versus non D part...)
- Long waiting period for some papers before they are picked up by an editor
- Issues with the automated system
- Language and style (asking for copy-editing or not)
- Special problems with controversial papers: how to handle them
- checking the references

5. Future directions, contents, areas
- Balance special issues/ regular submissions
- Encouraging the community to submit to CP
- Editor suggestions

6 Any other business

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