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Cropland green house gas (GHG) fluxes and related uncertainties
Convener: Martin Wattenbach  | Co-Conveners: Werner Leo Kutsch , Pete Smith , Jagadeesh B. Yeluripati , Pia Gottschalk 
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 / Fri, 08 Apr, 08:30–10:00  / Room 23
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 / Attendance Fri, 08 Apr, 10:30–12:00  / Display Fri, 08 Apr, 08:00–17:00  / Poster Area BG
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Friday, 8 April 2011
Room 23
Chairperson: Martin Wattenbach
Net Ecosystem Exchange of CO2 from crops at the European scale: variability and climate-related trends
Iwan Supit, Cor Jacobs, Wilma Jans, Bart Kruijt, and Eddy Moors
Can organic agriculture feed the world? - A re-analysis of Badgley et al. (2007)
Verena Seufert and Navin Ramankutty
09:00–09:15 EGU2011-12971
Assessing data-induced uncertainty of N2O emissions from arable soils in Europe using a process-based biogeochemical model (withdrawn)
Christian Werner, Ralf Kiese, and Klaus Butterbach-Bahl
Management effects on net ecosystem carbon and GHG budgets at European crop sites
Eric Ceschia, Pierre Béziat, Jean-François Dejoux, Marc Aubinet, Christian Bernhofer, Bernard Bodson, Nina Buchmann, Arnaud Carrara, Pierre Cellier, Paul Di Tommasi, Jan Elbers, Werner Eugster, Thomas Grünwald, Cor Jacobs, Wilma Jans, Mike Jones, Werner Kutsch, Gary Lanigan, Enzo Magliulo, Olivier Marloie, Eddy Moors, Christine Moureaux, Albert Olioso, Bruce Osborne, Maria-Jose Sanz, Matthew Saunders, Pete Smith, Henri Soegaard, and Martin Wattenbach
EGU2011-5564 | presentation
Carbon balance of crops: overview of 7 years of investigation
Christine Moureaux, Delphine Dufranne, Marie Suleau, Françoise Vancutsem, Bernard Bodson, and Marc Aubinet
Seasonal nitrous oxide emissions from cropland in eastern Canada measured using tunable diode laser flux gradients between 1996 and 2005 - Comparison with DNDC predictions.
Elizabeth Pattey, Ward Smith, Brian Grant, and Raymond Desjardins