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Application of non-traditional stable isotopes in biogeosciences (co-sponsored by THERMO) (co-organized)
Convener: Thomas Prohaska  | Co-Conveners: Jane Evans , Dr Frank Vanhaecke 
Oral Programme
 / Thu, 07 Apr, 13:30–15:00  / Room 23
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Fri, 08 Apr, 15:30–17:00  / Display Fri, 08 Apr, 08:00–17:00  / Poster Area BG

Display time: Friday, 8 April 2011 08:00–17:00
Attendance Time: Friday, 8 April 2011, 15:30–17:00
Poster Area BG
Chairperson: Andreas Zitek
Strontium isotopic (87Sr/86Sr, 87Sr/86Sr* and δ88/86Sr) variations in North Pacific (solicited)
Chen-Feng You, Hou-Chun Liu, Kuo-Fang Huang, Chuan-Hsiung Chung, and Jingfeng Wu

A geofingerprint of the parent material-soil-wine chain in a high quality terroir. A first approach on Piedirosso vineyards, Campi Flegrei, southern Italy
Mariano Mercurio, Eleonora Grilli, Elio Coppola, Maurizio de Gennaro, Vincenzo Morra, Thomas Prohaska, Andrea Buondonno, and Alessio Langella

Isotopes as tracers of the main environmental factors that contribute to the specificity of the green coffee bean (solicited)
Carla Rodrigues, Rodrigo Maia, Marion Brunner, Marta Pimpão, Loren Gautz, Thomas Prohaska, and Cristina Máguas

The use of the isotope systems of alkaline earth elements (Mg, Ca, Sr) to determine plant origin and their potential to study plant metabolism and environmental fluxes
Thomas Prohaska, Monika Horsky, Marion Brunner, Torsten Berger, Peter Hietz, Carla Rodrigues, and Cristina Máguas

The potential of microchemical information in fish hard parts to study origin and migration in the Austrian Danube catchment Press & Media
Katherina Sailer, Andreas Zitek, Herwig Waidbacher, Johanna Irrgeher, and Thomas Prohaska

Strontium isotopes and trace elements in fish otoliths reveal individually variable movement patterns in diadromous fish.
Benjamin Walther, Tim Dempster, Mike Letnic, and Malcolm McCulloch

EGU2011-1345 | presentation
Transgenerational marking of a freshwater fish species, Salmo trutta f.f. L., using an enriched 84Sr spike solution (solicited) Press & Media
Andreas Zitek, Johanna Irrgeher, Albert Jagsch, Manfred Kletzl, Thomas Weismann, and Thomas Prohaska

BG8 EGU2011-3966<span style="font-size: .8em!important; font-weight: bold; vertical-align: super; color: green!important;"><span title="YOUNG SCIENTIST: The first author satisfies BOTH of the following two criteria by 1 January of the year of the General Assembly: (1) be in age 35* or younger. (2) be an undergraduate or postgraduate (Masters/PhD) student or have received her/his highest degree qualification (e.g., BSc, MSc, PhD) within the last seven years*. *Where appropriate, up to one year of parental leave time may be added per child.">ys</span></span>
Lead Isotope Ratios Analysis in Corals by High Resolution ICP-MS (withdrawn)
Dai jie and Qu jianguo

Post-depositional elemental and isotopic modification of archaeological bone and tooth samples: analytical cognition tools and solution strategies
Johanna Irrgeher, Dominique Kreutz, Sarah Theiner, Maria Teschler-Nicola, and Thomas Prohaska

The use of strontium isotope ratio measurements by MC-ICP-MS for the reconstruction of animal migration on the example of the Celtic excavation site Roseldorf in Lower Austria
Sarah Theiner, Johanna Irrgeher, Veronika Holzer, Erich Pucher, Maria Teschler-Nicola, and Thomas Prohaska

Application of mass spectrometric techniques for the determination of n(U-235)/n(U-238) isotope ratios in depleted to low enriched U material
Stefanie Kappel, Sergei Boulyga, Stefan Bürger, and Thomas Prohaska

Feasibility study for the preparation of plutonium reference materials for nuclear age dating
Monika Sturm, Stephan Richter, Yetunde Aregbe, Roger Wellum, Timotheos Altzitzoglou, Andre Verbruggen, Klaus Mayer, and Thomas Prohaska

Mercury isotope fractionation during abiotic transmethylation reactions (solicited)
Dmitry Malinovskiy and Frank Vanhaecke

Barium isotope fractionation during formation of anhydrous barium carbonate (witherite): Influence of experimental conditions
Michael E. Böttcher, Nadja Neubert, Katja von Allmen, Elias Samankassou, Olaf Dellwig, and Thomas F. Nägler