Poster Programme GI-11


Geophysical tomography with high-energy particles: recent developments and applications
Convener: Dominique Gibert  | Co-Conveners: Daniele Carbone , Dr. Jacques Marteau , Hiroyuki Tanaka 
Oral Programme
 / Thu, 07 Apr, 13:30–15:00  / Room 42
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Thu, 07 Apr, 17:30–19:00  / Display Thu, 07 Apr, 08:00–19:30  / Hall A

Display time: Thursday, 7 April 2011 08:00–19:30
Attendance Time: Thursday, 7 April 2011, 17:30–19:00
Hall A
Chairperson: Nolwenn Lesparre, Jacques Marteau, Hiroyuki Tanaka
The plan imaging the lava dome structure with cosmic-ray muon at Unzen , Japan
Seigo Miyamoto, Nicola D'Ambrosio, Giovanni De Lellis, Mitsuhiro Nakamura, Toshiyuki Nakano, Pasquale Noli, Hiroshi Shimizu, Paolo Strolin, Hiromichi Taketa, and Hiroyuki K. M. Tanaka

R&D on nuclear emulsion detectors for muon radiography of large objects
Akitaka Ariga, Tomoko Ariga, Saverio Braccini, Antonio Ereditato, Francesca Giacoppo, Jiro Kawada, Igor Kreslo, Ciro Pistillo, and Paola Scampoli

New radiography method for small scale structure using soft component of air shower
Akimichi Taketa and Hiroyuki Tanaka

A telescope for rock mass density imaging based on muon TPC* with Micromegas-bulk detector
Pierre Salin, Stéphane Gaffet, Ioannis Giomataris, Denis Calvet, Frédéric Druillole, Rui de Oliveira, and Olivier Pizzirusso

A107 EGU2011-3584
Towards Tomographic Imaging of the Puy de Dôme with GRPCs (withdrawn)
Felix Fehr and the TOMUVOL

EGU2011-3983 | presentation
Muon tomography and Volcanic Risks in the Lesser Antilles: the Example of the Soufrière of Guadeloupe
Dominique Gibert, Nolwenn Lesparre, Jacques Marteau, Florence Nicollin, Bruno Kergosien, Pascal Rolland, and Olivier Coutant

EGU2011-5957 | presentation
Design and Operation of a Field Telescope for Cosmic Ray Geophysical Tomography
Dr. Jacques Marteau, Bruno Carlus, Dr. Yves Déclais, Pr. Dominique Gibert, Bruno Kergosien, Nolwenn Lesparre, and Florence Nicollin