Integrated rock physics, geological and geophysical studies for the characterization, protection and valorization of archaeological and historical sites
Convener: Yoann Quesnel  | Co-Convener: Emiliano Di Luzio 
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 / Attendance Fri, 08 Apr, 10:30–12:00  / Display Fri, 08 Apr, 08:00–17:00  / Hall A
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This session is devoted to the updated rock physic, geological and geophysical methods developed to study the characterization, the protection and the valorisation of archaeological and historical sites, contained in the urban territories of major cities or small historical centres. Moreover, the session is open to studies evaluating those geological hazards such as cavities instability, landslides, differential settlements or subsidence that can threaten historical city centres, archaeological sites or even single historical monument
impairing their safety and usability.
As known geophysical prospection can give a lot of a priori information over potential archeological sites and historical buildings. These non-destructive approaches have been widely used by archeologists and geophysicists since about 60 years. Besides showing that this research field is major in European Geosciences, the objective is to share and bring together these different experiences, and highlight required improvements in some fields (e.g. new instruments, new signal and image
processing techniques). Studies based on the integration of different methods applied in different situation are mainly concerned, but this session is also opened to other aspects as: rock physic information, geomagnetician, electro-magnetician, geophysicists, specialists of numerical and image processing in 2D and 3D. This symposium will address advances in new and novel approaches to acquisition, instrumentation, processing, interpretation, including high-resolution tomographic techniques. Case histories are also sought, particularly those demonstrating the role of geological and geophysical
studies in improving the effectiveness of a comprehensive archaeological and historical problems.

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GM3.1 – Advances in geoarchaeology: Using geomorphological techniques and digital applications for the analysis of past man-environment systems
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